Week 7 Notes (financial statements)

Week 7 Notes (financial statements) - Financial Statements...

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Financial Statements Balance Sheet Current vs. Long-term Starbucks Consolidated Fiscal Year End Per Share Info BCOR Films, Inc Profit? Total Assests? Owners Equity? WHY ANALYZE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS WITH RATIO ANALYSIS? Try comparing BCOR Lemonade vs. Sunkist. Not very useful in comparing an advertising agency with a steel mill. Why? Companies such as telecommunication providers, car manufacturers, and railroads are very asset-intensive, meaning they require big, expensive machinery or equipment to generate a profit. Advertising agencies and software companies, on the other hand, are generally very asset-light (in the case of a software companies, once a program has been developed, employees simply copy it to a five-cent disk, throw an instruction manual in the box, and mail it out to stores).
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Analyzing Financial Statements with Ratio Analysis Ratios compare one thing to another – relationships, correlation Uses information from financial statements Puts complex information into sharper focus
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Week 7 Notes (financial statements) - Financial Statements...

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