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Study Guide for Exam II

Study Guide for Exam II - • Succession o primary vs...

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Exam II Study Guide Ecosystems Trophic structure (terms, levels, chain vs. web) Energy flow (characteristics, efficiency, role of trophic levels in the process) Nutrient cycling (characteristics, efficiency, role of tropic levels in the process) o Carbon (for each: reservoir, producers, characteristics of cycle) o Nitrogen o Phosphorus o Water Recent ecosystem level problems o Global warming o Biological amplification o Ozone depletion o Acid rain Disturbance and succession Interactive (traditional) Model of community assemblages vs. Individualistic Model. Be able to discuss each and how they differ with respect to: o role of disturbance and concept of stability o linear progression to climax communities o role of chance in the process Role of disturbance in communities and ecosystems
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Unformatted text preview: • Succession o primary vs. secondary o how it tends to work (regardless of successional model) Effects of human disturbance (why do much worse than natural disturbances) • Habitat fragmentation • Edge effects • Exotics Island Biogeography • Species/Area relationship • Basic Model o Extinction o Colonization/immigration o Equilibrium (dynamic, turnover) o Predictions of model o Lessons of model o Problems with model • SLOSS debate (reserve design) • Metapopulation Theory - differences and similarities to Island Biogeography o Example of diff: Population turnover (meta) vs. species turnover (Is. Biog) o Source vs. sink populations o Avoiding regional extinction is main concern...
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Study Guide for Exam II - • Succession o primary vs...

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