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Study Guide for Exam III Microevolution Evolution (descent with modification) via natural selection (differential reproductive success) Struggle for existence (ecological interactions with biotic and abiotic environments) Heritable genetic variation Fitness Adaptation Understand how all this fits together Origination of Theory PreDarwin o Scala naturae o Essentialism o Natural theology o Cuvier, Lyell, Lamarck Darwin o Training o What happened on the Beagle to set him up for derivation of the Theory of Natural Selection? o What happened after his return to help him derive the Theory? Evidences for evolution Genetic variation What is it? o terms: allele, locus, chromosome, etc. Where does it come from? o Mutation o Meiosis and sexual recombination o Mendel’s results and laws
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Unformatted text preview: Why so important for Darwin’s Theory? Independent assortment Segregation Particulate nature of heritability “all” inheritance is mendelian in what sense? • What happens to it? o No inherent tendency for loss (Hardy-Weinberg results and implications) o Evolutionary forces that do affect variation Natural selection (different kinds) Drift (also bottlenecks, founder events) Mutation Gene flow (how counters drift) Nonrandom mating (inbreeding & outbreeding) Dangers to small populations: • altered selective regime • increased drift/decreased gene flow (effective sizes) • inbreeding • demographic stochasticity • extinction vortex...
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