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Noor Beckwith Close Reading Notes for Essay 1 “Hypocrisy and Authorial Distancing in ‘ Huckleberry Finn as Idol and Target’” Passage 1: 21-22: Personal paragraphs about being “disturbed” and that use the N-word Use ideas from paper 1a and 1c o I have already started to describe tools that are parts of the larger method of authorial distancing that Arac uses to address this difficulty. One is personalization. Where the essay begins in a scholarly and objectivist tone, the author uses a well-crafted segue (Arac 21-22) to alter his distance to the reader and to the topic as he transitions to a much more provocative section of argument. Specifically, bringing the argument into the personal realm, Arac has distanced himself from the institutions he is criticizing, seeking to escape his own criticism even as he continues to use the despised word. Passage 2: 23-24: Historic distance in The Word section Use ideas from paper 1c o A third and subtler technique for authorial distancing, Arac’s historicization takes advantage of liminal narrative cues to manipulate the reader’s expectations. The use of this potent tool becomes evident in what may be one of the most charged sections of the piece – both to read and to have written – ‘The Word’ (23). In this section, Arac details a brief history of the N-word in the 20 th century, and he begins it as such, “Now I must go on at some length about the word, nigger . I start at a historic distance, but then move [to current events]” (23). Having set the stage for a historic
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close reading brainstorm for ppr1 - Noor Beckwith Close...

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