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Beckwith 1 Noor Beckwith Preceptor: Zachary Sifuentes Expos 20: A Voice of One’s Own March 2008 A Synopsis of the Unit 2 Readings Halperin: What is “Out of Australia” about? What is its central claim? This essay is a transcribed speech about the human processes of value assignation and value loss, with personal examples about a lost house and a lost lover used as supportive parallels. It claims that, while waste (the loss of value) is inevitable as people live and die, there is distinction in the choice of how to live and how to assign value. Scarry: What is “On Beauty and Being Wrong” about? What is its central claim? This essay is about the realization and implications of beauty, with the works of Matisse and Homer used as evidence. It claims that there are certain restrictions on when
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Unformatted text preview: and how something can be beautiful, and also that beauty is allied both with absolute truth and simultaneously with cognitive frailty. A Relationship: One relationship between the texts is the ways that their language seems to work to meter out and thus apprehend time. The similarities here serve different functions; where Halperin seems to meter time in an attempt to stave off waste, Scarry meters time in an attempt to capture and reproduce the essence of beauty. Both essays, however, suggest that the present, the momentary, the hyper-instantaneous hold the most importance and the most potential in a given person’s life....
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