Notes after Midterm

Notes after Midterm - 5/08/06 Paramount 1912- Famous...

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Unformatted text preview: 5/08/06 Paramount 1912- Famous Players 1913- Hodkinson & Paramount 1915- Adolph Zukor merges FP & Paramount Theaters- Chicago, South, New England, Canada (mostly assembled of pre- existing theaters bought) 1933- Receivership (a type of bankruptcy), Mae West only kept them in business Barney Balaban 1936-64 (Balaban and Cats Theater) Largest number of subsidiaries, most profits, biggest of the big 5 During drop-off, took biggest losses because of theater chain Most other studios were following Paramounts work Y. Frank Freeman came from exhibition to Paramount to become studio boss Paramount lot still is in Hollywood Specialized in continental sophistication, pitched to classy city dwellers Liked to collect stars who were already somewhat popular in another field Directors o Cecil B. DeMille o Ernst Lubitsch o Josef von Sternberg o Billy Wilder o Preston Sturge Paramounts Famous Players o Mary Pickford o Maurice Chevalier o Marlene Dietrich o Gary Cooper o Mae West o Fred MacMurray o Alan Ladd o Bob Hope o Bing Crosby Offered a full program to its theaters, created live-action shorts, newsreels, animated cartoon, contracted with the Fleischer shorts (Betty Boop, Popeye, Superman) Paramount Films o The Covered Wagon 22 o The Blue Angel 30 o Trouble in Paradise 32 o She Done him Wrong 32 o For Whom the Bell Tolls 43 o Going My Way 44 o Double Indemnity 44 o Samson and Delilah 49 o Sunset Boulevard 50 o Rear Window 54 o The 10 Commandments 55 o Vertigo 58 Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer (MGM) Loews Inc. New York theater chain Marcus Loew buys Metro & Goldwyn Nicholas Schenk, takes over after Loew dies, never took credit on films Louis B. Mayer- in charge of the studio in Hollywood, dictatorial little guy, thought he knew what the audience wanted Irving Thalberg- the head of production, the boy genius the most intelligent person in Hollywood, died young Arthur Freed- producer after songwriter, created musical unit, very expensive color musicals, top musicians of the world, worked with director Vincent Minelli Only Hollywood studio to turn a profit throughout the 1930s Most producer dominated, very structured, very little director freedom About 150 theaters only, mostly in New York and Ohio, the classiest theaters Studio lot in Culver City, owned by Sony now MGM Stars (longest list of contract players in Hollywood) o Greta Garbo o Clark Gabe o Joan Crawford o Lionel Barrymore o Wallace Beery o Spencer Tracy o Mickey Rooney o Judy Garland o Gene Kelly MGMs Films o The Big Parade 25 o Grand Hotel 32 o Dinner at 8 32 o Mutiny on the Bounty 35 o Wizard of Oz 39 o Mrs. Miniver 43 o Meet Me in St. Louis 44 o Singin in the Rain 52 o Ben Hur 25 Most conservative of the studios, mid-America, smalltown, solid values, orientated to the middle class, most associated with the Republican party...
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Notes after Midterm - 5/08/06 Paramount 1912- Famous...

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