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Linguistics 1 midterm Instructions: Answer two of the three questions below. If you answer all three, you must tell us which two to grade. If you do not, we will grade the first two (not the best two; as each TA has over 70 students, they cannot grade extra problems to determine your best two). 1) Phonetics/phonology Below is a phonemic transcription of “Try to say the pledge with more enthusiasm.” Apply each rule listed and write its result in its row. Write the surface form of the sentence (according to these rules) in the bottom row. Phonemic form traj tu se pl c w mor n uz jæz m Aspiration: voiceless stops (p, t, k) are aspirated at the beginning of a word Devoicing: approximants (l, r, w, j) are voiceless after aspirated stops Nasalization: vowels are nasalized before a nasal consonant (m, n, ) Dentalization: [n] is dentalized before a dental fricative ( , ) Surface form according to these rules 2) Morphology. Estonian is a Finno-Ugric language spoken in the Baltic republic of Estonia.
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