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Class 3 EXSC 205 notes

Class 3 EXSC 205 notes - Class 3 EXSC 205 notes o ATP CP...

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Class 3 EXSC 205 notes: o ATP + CP use o Know how we use these o How many calories we have of these o Fuel reserves o Intensity vs. metabolic pathway o When sprinting all of energy coming from ATP o As intensity goes down aerobic o Immediate sources anaerobic, aerobic—3 sources o Preview questions not part of exam o Glycolysis(C6H12o6) o Fuel glyclose o Atp-4 gross; 2 net o Enzyme-LDH (NAD) o End product-pyruvate Either goes to lactic acid(when there is insufficient oxygen to fulfill cytocrom system) or aerobic o Aerobic metabolism o Pathway in mitochondria o Krep Cycle + cytocrom system o KC + Fat, protein, carb All fuels can be utilized in krep cycle Whats the end product-nitrogen in the piss? o Cytochrome system O2 + H –cytochrome oxidates (primarily transport hydrogen) Oxygen is a hydrogen scavenger o ATP production o Carbs 36 (34 aerobic system) o Fats 130 3.5x more atp from fat that carb requires more oxygen to metabolize fat o Efficiency of energy conservation save about o
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