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Class 2 EXSC 205 notes

Class 2 EXSC 205 notes - o Digestive Inhibition...

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Class 2 EXSC 205 notes: Statistics on obesity o BMI>25 overweight, >30 obese; 65-67% pop. o Southern states/Midwest tend to have greater % of obese o 3 or 4 states have <20% obese o fastest growing categories are BMI 40(super), 50(morbid) o children obesity levels are rising 300% since the 60s Causes o Over caloric balance o Genetics vs. environment Studies tend to say genetic o Sloth vs. Gluttony Food--Amount vs Composition Recommendations o Activity o Eat several small meals o More Carbo + Protein, less Fat o More low caloric density foods o Don’t snack o Don’t use foods as a reward o Precede large meals with salad or hot soup Drugs o OTC-nothing with any impact available o Appetite suppressants Phentermine-short term use, <6 months Sibutramine-long term, about a year Both only produced 5-10 lbs more weight loss than no drug
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Unformatted text preview: o Digestive Inhibition Xenical-lipase(enzyme for digesting fat in the small intestine) inhibitor • Recommend only 90 grams of fat (9 cal to every gram of fat) o 3500 calories to a pound • Can cause anal leakage due to undigested fat in large intesine • Severe gas can occur due to bacteria o Syrup of Ipecac- makes you throw up • Surgery o Bariatric surgery-surgery on gastronal intestinal tract Gastric banding-put a band at the top of the stomach that creates a small pouch at top of stomach/esophagis • 5-6 small meals, must eat slowly, Gastric Intestine Bypass- food just doesn’t digest completely, remove parts of the stomach Liposuction- remove fat with a vacuum • Cosmetic surgery-not a weight loss method • Fatality ratio is 1%...
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Class 2 EXSC 205 notes - o Digestive Inhibition...

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