Notes 1/30 - Psych 101 1:36:00 PM Gestalt Psychology...

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Psych 101 30/01/2008 13:36:00 Gestalt Psychology Interested in consciousness as it arises in perception Looking at the whole; not how it comes together or individual parts Behaviorism Early 1900s Founded by John B. Watson Psychology should study only observable (overt) behavior Behavior: Any overt response or activity by an organism Nature vs. Nurture Is behavior determined by genetics (“nature”) or environment and experience  (“nurture”)? Watson: Behavior is determined by environment!; “Give me a dozen healthy  infants…. and I’ll train anyone of them to be a doctor, lawyer…” Fueled rise of animals for research Challenged Gestalt theorists and Freudian theorists Sigmund Freud The unconscious contains components (memories, thoughts, and desires)  that lie below the conscious level of awareness. These components still  influence behavior. Psychoanalysis: Focus on the unconscious level to analyze psychological 
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course PSYCH 101 taught by Professor Nolan during the Fall '08 term at CUNY Queens.

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Notes 1/30 - Psych 101 1:36:00 PM Gestalt Psychology...

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