Media & Politics & Books (Ch. 6 & 7)

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15:51 THE ROLE OF THE MEDIA (“THE FOURTH ESTATE”) The Role of the Media:To survey a socio-political environment (p.88 in the book) The Watchdog Function The role of the media has changed as the main medium has changed  Newspapers and television don’t necessarily set the agenda anymore, bogging  has kind of started to take over. The media offers a platform for politicians to get coverage and explain their  policies The media has been a forum of debate and dialogue There  should  be a tension between media and government Advertising should not enter into the newsroom Some people say that the media is sometimes manipulated by the way that the 
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Unformatted text preview: government can be a gate-keeper. • CNN Newsource: Works kind of like the Associated Press model, but the television version. (The news networks send their feeds to the CNN Newsource) • Some newspapers don’t have the time or the staffing to edit or preview news and press releases, which can be a problem • BOOKS • Unlike music, which has been “up-ended” due to digitalization; however, books seem to have been relatively untouched • The book industry has been able to remain very strong in the industry • Libraries & school boards are the big institutions that do any of the banning of books...
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