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Seema Ullal GE Cluster 70A Dis A Reading Assignment 2 1. 19 th century physicists believed that the universe was filled with a “luminiferous ether” because the ether explained how light traveled across the emptiness of space. In the 1800s, light and electromagnetism were thought to be waves and the ether was believed to be the thing in which they occurred. If the ether had existed, the experiment would have found that the speed of light was not the same in all directions and areas. 2. The world of quantum physics is unusual because nothing in it can be held or measured. Everything happens on such extremely small scales that we can not even begin to imagine or grasp what is happening. The concepts within quantum physics are nonintuitive and do not come naturally. Heisenberg’s uncertainty Principle, which is at the heart of quantum physics, is based on a probability: we don’t know where an electron is at any given moment but we know the probability that it is there. Quantum physics also brings up a level of untidiness in
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