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Seema Ullal GE Cluster 70A Dis A Reading Assignment 1 1. Sagan argues that even though it is fairly likely that extraterrestrial beings would exist in a universe as large as our own, there is no concrete physical evidence that this is true. There is little evidence supporting the claim despite the fact that there is little evidence countering it also. There are many explanations that are more probable that could be the reason for the phenomena that so called “experiencers” recall or exhibit. Anecdotal claims are inevitably subject to error because they involve less physical and absolute evidence than scientific proof. Sagan says that the only correct way to accept a concept such as the existence of aliens is through the brain, that is, to believe what is proven to be true and not what we want to believe. John Mack disagrees with Sagan and does provide some scientific evidence to support his views, particularly in “Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens.” Mack also says that despite the evidence backing up his views, the
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