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Seema Ullal GE 70A Dis 1A Reading Assignment 6 1. Human beings have trouble conceiving “deep time,” because of our relatively short lives. Modern human beings only live about 80-90 years, and human history that is relevant to us is also very recent relative to the age of the earth. Because of these things, it is hard to grasp things that happened hundreds of thousands and even millions of years ago because we have no real frame of reference to relate to. 2. Comte de Buffon believed the earth was slowly cooling from an initial hot state and tried to determine the age of the earth by creating a small globe that resembled the earth's composition and then measuring the rate at which it cooled. He estimated that the earth was 75,000 years old.   Lord Kelvin determined that the earth had formed somewhere between 20 and 400 million years ago. He rejected uniformitarianism and believed that the earth was originally molten and its surface had cooled and solidified, but the core remained hot. He noted that the deeper one descends into the earth, the higher the
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