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Seema Ullal GE 70A Discussion 1A READING ASSIGNMENT 7 1. Magnetic studies of the Atlantic Ocean floor helped demonstrate that the seafloors are spreading in the manner that Harry Hess described. Hess suggested that instead of continents moving through oceanic crust (as was suggested by continental drift), an ocean basin and its adjoining continent moved together on the same crustal unit, or plate. The fact that the magnetic the stripes were symmetrical around the crests of the mid-ocean ridges suggested a relationship, and gave evidence for plate tectonics or the idea that individual segments of the Earth’s crust (called plates) were moving along with the continents. Further evidence can be seen in the fact that at or near the crest of ocean ridges, the rocks are very young, and they become progressively older as one moves away from the ridge crest. This helped support the idea that ocean ridges were being separated by the moving of plates. The fact that Denver and parts of southern Africa are rising
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