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crystallization experiment 13

crystallization experiment 13 - CHE 558 Experiment 13...

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CHE 558 Experiment 13 Biochemistry Lab Crystallization of Lysozyme Objectives 1. To gain experience in crystallization techniques 2. To see if your purified lysozyme crystallizes Experimental Procedures Materials Purified lysozyme from the following week’s experiment 25 mg/mL lysozyme solution 1 M sodium acetate, pH 4.7 10% sodium chloride forcep scissor plastic microscope slides 24 well plate syringe with vacuum grease
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Methods: Part A: Preparing the 24 well plate 1. Place two kimwipes next to each other and then place the 24 well plate on it. 2. On the lid, label the wells. The first row is A, the next is B, then C, and then D. The columns are numbered numerically from left to right starting with 1 and ending in 6. 3. Grease the overhang of each well of the 24 well plate. (Hint: just like icing the edges of a cake) 4. Fill each well using the chart below. (Hint: first put sodium acetate in all the wells then the sodium chloride, then the water. This will help prevent changing pipette tips) Position 1 M sodium acetate ( μ
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