Map Quiz 4 march 27th

Map Quiz 4 march 27th - Daniel Ortega Green Beret camp...

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Map Quiz 4 march 27th 1998 Hurricane Mitch killed more than 5,000 2001 earthquakes killed more than 2,000 Ad hoc Commision for Institutional Reform Anthony Saca Cloud forest reserve (name of reserve and country) CODESA Commission for Historical Clarification Contadora Island (put the number on the island) Country with the largest percent of people living in poverty
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Unformatted text preview: Daniel Ortega Green Beret camp (town and country) Loser of the 1969 "Soccer War" "Operation Just Cause" Party of National Liberation Per capital GDP lowest in Central America "politics of consensus" Port facility near Bluefields (name of port) Remittances make up more than 12% of GDP URNG Winner of the 1969 "Soccer War"...
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