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Studio Project Art 110 12/1/06 Studio Project 1. I used continuous lines as an outline of my face. Curved lines were used through out the drawing especially on the ear, eye, and the rounded parts of my face. Straight lines were used for my shirt. I used cross-hatching for my eyebrows. Contour lines were used within my face for the areas of shades and the nose. Hatching was used for the whiskers on my face. 2. For the background, the forehead, and part of one cheek I used frottage. I used actual artificial as part of the background by using felt. The whiskers on my face would be visual simulated natural. Actual natural for the blonde in my hair by using rice. Visual invented for the shades in the shirt.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Felt for the background Marker for hair and lips Colored pencil for eyebrows, nose, cheeks, neck, ear, and shirt Charcoal for the background, forehead, and part of a cheek Rice for blonde in hair Black Indian ink on forehead, freckles, eyes Personally I believe that I did a remarkable job on the studio project. Using different material and the different shades is something that really looks good. The one thing that I maybe could have spent a little more time on or could have been a little more creative on would have to be the background. All in all I think that the project turned out better than I had intended and personally looks wonderful....
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