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Review Sheet - RELG 216 Religion in America Since 1865...

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REVIEW SHEET -- TEST # 2 RELG 216 – Religion in America Since 1865 Spring, 2008 Part I – Identification (Approx. 5 min. each) Identify the following by date or period (be as specific as possible), a definition (when applicable), and the significance of the person or item in American religious history (the “So what?”). Rerum Novarum “Concerning the new things”. Pope Leo XIII initiated this encyclical in 1891 as a response to labor practices , especially in factories. Left-wing Catholics ( Catholic Social Gospel ) It condemned socialism , unchecked labor in capitalism , and called for the State to protect workers ; the State and citizens have the duty to protect laborers ; it endorsed Labor Union Principles . This gave Catholic workers a boost! Catholic welfare agencies grew and concepts of charity spread (care for spiritual and physical needs). This led to the National Conference of Catholic Charities in 1910 , which helped bring together many welfare efforts in the US. Azusa Street Mission Actually began in 1906 when Charles Parham asked William J. Seymour to go to Los Angeles, CA and help expand the ideas of Pentecostalism/restore the gifts of the Pentecost ( speaking in tongues – lasso lalia , faith healing, premillienialism, snake-handling ) Seymour was having a little difficulty in doing so, so he asked Parham for help who then sent Lucy Farrow – known for her speaking in tongues to be contagious. When Farrow arrived in LA there was a giant spread in speaking in tongues . 1909 Earthquake – many took as a sign of the beginning of the end (of the world) and they decided to form a more personal relationship with God Multi-ethnic, led by a woman. 1910 – discernable break between the Fundamentalists and followers of Pentecostalism. Evian Conference Conference held in Evian, France in July 6-15 1938 initiated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a means of dealing with the refugee problem. Attended by delegates from 32 countries where the term “ political refugee was coined – mainly referring to Jewish refugees Although they did not accomplish much, they established an intergovernmental level to deal with the refugees; it was also a turning point for America as showing concern for international issues brought them out of isolationism.
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Reds in Our Churches An article written by J.B. Matthews in 1953 It reported that in the past 17 years, at least 7000 ministers had been enlisted, or someway involved with the Communist party It was reprinted as a pamphlet and was WIDELY distributed throughout the United States; was also put in the Congressional Record. This article supported ideas held by
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Review Sheet - RELG 216 Religion in America Since 1865...

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