spr07 mid2 - BIOS 100 Biology of Cells and Organisms Exam 2...

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BIOS 100 Biology of Cells and Organisms Exam 2 March 5, 2007 True (A) or False (B) 1. Lipids generally have more energy packed in them than a similarly sized carbohydrate because they have more reduced carbon atoms ( ie, more C—H bonds). 2. A carbohydrate molecule will have the same number of H2O atoms in it as it has C atoms, hence the name carbo – hydrate . 3. Geologists and geochemists tell us that the atmosphere of the Earth ( around 3-4 Billion years ago) had a much higher amount of low energy molecules, such as CO2, and much less oxygen than today. After plants evolved, much of that CO2 got changed by them into higher energy, carbon-containing molecules of carbohydrate and lipid. 4. The structure and functional properties of rubisco suggest that it evolved in plants way back when atmospheric levels of O2 were much lower than today. 5. All membranes in a cell (whether part of Golgi, ER, or transport vesicle) are made of two sets of phospholipids, with the phosphate parts facing inward, toward each other. 6. GLUT-1 is a special type of unsaturated lipid molecule found in membranes to increase the membrane’s permeability to glycogen. 7. . Which molecule would release the most calories were it to undergo oxidation? A. CH4 B. H2CO C. CO3H4 D. CO2 8. The breakdown of ONE molecule of glucose (a 6-carbon molecule) into SIX molecules of CO2 requires four groups of chemical reactions and results in about how many ATP molecules? A. 2 B. 6 C. 30 D. 64 E. 100 FOR # below, use the key: A. Stage I B. Stage II C. Stage III D. Stage IV E. none of these 9. Which stage takes place in the cell cytoplasm 10. Which refers to the reactions of the Krebs cycle? 11. Which stage/ reactions requires O2 as final electron acceptor? 12. Which stage produces the most NADH?
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spr07 mid2 - BIOS 100 Biology of Cells and Organisms Exam 2...

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