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GEOG100 Assignment 1 Analyzing A City

GEOG100 Assignment 1 Analyzing A City - Julian Weathersby...

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Julian Weathersby 2638892538 Analyzing A City Portraying a city in ways past physicality can be difficult. There are many factors one must take into account when trying to analyze a city. There is an abundance of information available to aid in this from movies to books and music. Movies and music are probably the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. Though a movie’s intention may not be to convey the lifestyle and happenings of a city, it still may be a vital piece of information towards the understanding of the way a certain works. Walther Ruttman’s movie of Berlin intentionally conveys what Berlin is like. Despite what may be considered the right way to read a city, there is not a right way to read a city. Different people have different thoughts and emotions towards different aspects of a city. Los Angeles is a perfect example of city where you can hate part of it and love another. You can love the city like an habit, while others can hate it like a bad addiction. An easy way to approach reading a city is to stop and observe. In Los Angeles, everything can seem to be moving at an hundred miles per hour, but if one sits back and watches, he will notice that things are also moving in some kind of order; things are flowing. When you compare a city like Los Angeles to a city like Tuskegee, Alabama, the obvious things are noticeable: population and the size of the city or town. But the differences go beyond what the eye can physically see. The mental make up of the city’s or town’s residents also is what one needs to analyze and read a city. Continuing the comparison between Los Angeles and Tuskegee, the way people think in the two cities are completely different. The average Angelino wants to make it big. It appears as though the American Dream is to gain wealth. In Tuskegee, the average person wants to raise a family. This is not to say that Los Angeles citizens do not want families or I
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