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Midterm ISL Deliverables Due Dates: The required deliverables are due IN CLASS on the date noted . Materials will not be accepted after the date for your class, unless prior approval by your instructor(s) is granted; in which case the grade deduction scale detailed on your syllabus and assessment rubric will apply…no exceptions… For Monday/Wednesday 2:00-3:45 PM ISL Course-- DUE ON MARCH 12 th For Tuesday/Thursday 12:00-1:45 ISL Course --DUE ON MARCH 13 th Deliverables: I. Notebook— including specific required elements—detailed below II. Team Presentation---in class delivery on the 12 th or 13 th , accordingly and meeting expectations below III. Reflection Paper—Midterm reflection paper meeting the requirements detailed below I. Notebook—Required Elements Use your “notebook tabs” document, available on Blackboard to organize your notebook. We expect to see your personal work (and group work to date) –to address elements A, B, C, D, and E for your client’s program. A) Vision and mission:
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