ANSI_Z-10 - 1.0 Scope & Purpose The ANSI Z-10 is basically...

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The ANSI Z-10 is basically like a big safety guideline for companies big or small Ÿ Runs on a system similar to the Plan-Do-Check model Ÿ This allows for interrelated and continual improvement Ÿ While it says what needs to be accomplished it is in generic terms Ÿ This leaves it open for the company to create their own program that works best with their business Ÿ Each companies plan is unique from one another Ÿ Management leadership all the way down to employee participation is very important or the cycle wont work completely Ÿ It is designed to integrate with other systems making it that much more important Ÿ The results of this system are: 1. Lower workman’s compensation claims 2. Reduced lost workdays 3. Being in compliance with laws and regulations 4. Increased productivity 2.0 Definitions Ÿ Occupational Health & Safety Management System Abbreviated OHSMS: A set of interrelated elements that establish or support safety policies and procedures and mechanisms to achieve those objectives to continually improve health and safety Ÿ Prevent Action : Action taken to reduce or prevent a potential problem Ÿ Corrective Action : Action taken to eliminate the cause of a system deficiency hazard or risk (Fix Problem) Ÿ Risk : An estimate of the likelihood of the severity of an injury or an illness that may be caused by an event. Ÿ Conformance : Meeting the requirements of the organizations OHSMS and this standard Ÿ Non-Conformance : Not meeting the requirements of the organizations OHSMS and this standard Ÿ Compliance : Meeting the requirements of local, state or federal standards or regulations. Ÿ Ensure : To make every reasonable effort to fullfill the requiremnt Ÿ Exposure : Contact with or proximity to a hazard taking into account duration and intensity 3.0 Management Leadership Ÿ The top management position is very important Ÿ They should be the ones making sure a policy is implemented and followed through on. Ÿ Once a policy is set up management must sign off on it Ÿ Must include the following: -Protection and continual improvement of employee health and safety -Effective employee participation -Conformance with the organizations health and safety requirements
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-Compliance with all laws and regulations Ÿ They must then monitor the performance of the policy Ÿ To do this they should have the appropriate amount of money and people to make it run smoothly other wise it wont work Ÿ Define roles, assign responsibility and delegate authority. (Make sure everyone
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ANSI_Z-10 - 1.0 Scope & Purpose The ANSI Z-10 is basically...

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