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Innovative Safety Leadership Spring 2008 Written Safety and Health Program Outline Your team will create a written recommendation for the client and provide a presentation lasting, in total, no more than 40 minutes, including time for client to interact. To develop a written summary of your work and presentation for the client, we expect that the team will (thoroughly and competently) investigate, and make objective recommendations supported by research, for all challenges presented by the client. The following is a recommended outline for your written report. Format: 20-25 pages of text (not including appendices or references). 12 point font, 1 inch margins, single spaced. (Utilize APA style) I. Cover page II. Table of contents: lists topics, tables, figures, pictures, etc, page numbers including appendices III. Background: 1-2 pages: Provides purpose of project, team members, dates of specific activities (e.g. tours, benchmark visits, etc), brief comment on process or methods IV. Executive Summary- 1-2 pages. Will include your team’s understanding of vision and
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WrittenProgramOutline_wh - Innovative Safety Leadership...

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