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Julian Weathersby 2638892538 The Construction of My Dream Part 1: My version of the American dream can be seen as very simple because it consist of being self-sufficient. People from other countries come to this country for the opportunity. Past generations flocked to California because it was and still is a place to pursue what truly interest you. Los Angeles is a place where a large number of successful people have found success and wealth without a college education via the entertainment industry. Being a product of this type of individualistic environment, I want my freedom also. The most important aspect of my dream is controlling my own life, from the time I wake up in the morning to how much I get paid. Over time, this dream has indeed changed from being a professional NBA player to being a hip-hop superstar and to being racecar driver, all of which come with physical fame. Now, my dream is to be successful without the physical fame. I want people to know my name but I do not want people to recognize the face. One of my mentors told me that the more physical fame you have, the less power you have which means the less respect you have. He also said that without power and respect, success is nearly impossible. Part 2: There are several factors that contributed to the construction of my version of the America Dream with some being more important than others. Being a product of a popular trendy culture, the biggest outside influence in my life is the popular trendy
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weathersby2ndessay - Julian Weathersby 2638892538 The...

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