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Problem Set #1

Problem Set #1 - need to know the input from the sun to the...

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1. How many watts are being emitted from my head? P = I * A P = 30 W 2. Temperature Equilibrium for moon assuming no heat transfer. I am assuming an albedo of one. Therefore, the radius square, pie and extra stuff are canceled out, we get the following: Isolar = 1350 w/m2 Therefore, the answer is 330K For the dark side, the answer is zero, because since there is no solar input, there isn’t any solar output. 3. There is no solar input to ground because of atmosphere. Therefore, the T of the ground is dependent on the output that comes down from the atmosphere. To figure this out, we
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Unformatted text preview: need to know the input from the sun to the atmosphere and the output of the atmosphere that goes up out of the Earth balanced system. That will get you 251K of the atmosphere as it is expelling outwards. The same temperature should also be assumed when going down. Since the ground is only gaining input from the atmosphere, it will also be the same temperature. Therefore, the temperature of the ground is 251K...
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