JETS Proposal

JETS Proposal - Profiles for each jet will be measured and plotted simultaneously at x = 1D 6D 7D and 8D(where D is the nozzle diameter The plots

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Matthew Eves Julian Weathersby Research Objective: With two flows side by side, do these flows disrupt one another to the point where the profile cannot be modeled or do the flows downstream follow a particular pattern? What effect does the gap between the two jets have on the profile and is there a critical separation width to avoid mixing? Research Plan: The time constant will be estimated from the setup which is two jets at an initial width, δ . Setup will need two pitot tubes in order for the velocity of each jet stream can be measured individually.
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Unformatted text preview: Profiles for each jet will be measured and plotted simultaneously at x = 1D, 6D, 7D, and 8D (where D is the nozzle diameter). The plots will be the streamwise velocity, U, vs. y, the cross-stream location. The downstream profiles will be plotted again using the self-similar normalization method for each jet to compare if there is any disturbance at an arbitrary width, δ . Measurements and profiles will be compared to those from the JETSI experiment to see if there is any disturbance with two jets on the side of one another....
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