Journal 3 - Mike Copley PEP 291 Journal 3 Reflect on how your teaching has improved over the semester including specific areas of improvement What

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Mike Copley 4-14-08 PEP 291 - Journal 3 Reflect on how your teaching has improved over the semester, including specific areas of improvement: What mistakes did you make in your teaching at the beginning? What did you learn from your group of children? The mistakes that I made were I wasn’t enthusiastic enough and I wasn’t keeping the kids moving enough. I’m a quiet guy and I struggle to sound excited about what I’m doing. I tried to sound like I was enjoying it but I was having a hard time. Trying to keep the kids moving the whole time is hard because it gets so hot in the gym and the kids don’t feel like moving. They start to sit on the floor and not want to do the activities. Starting the first week we have had problems with the kids staying on task, when one kid sees another acting up then they start to act up too. Did you change your teaching behaviors, knowledge, perspective, level of tolerance during your experience? It has been hard when the kids don’t listen and don’t want to do the activities that I’m trying to
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