PEP 222 - Softball Notebook

PEP 222 - Softball Notebook - Softball By Mike Copley...

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Softball By Mike Copley Skills/Ques Catching -Watch the ball into the hands or gloves -Position fingers up and thumbs together for balls chest high or higher. Position fingers down and little fingers together for balls waist high and lower -Relax the fingers and arms -On contact with the ball, absorb the force by bringing the ball close to the body—“Give with the ball” Throwing -Grip the ball across a seam with index and second fingers, thumb underneath and third and forth fingers to the side -Point the elbow away from the body as the arm moves backward -Move body weight to the foot on the same side (rear foot) and rotate the trunk in that direction -Keep the waist extended until just before release -Push off with the rear foot and step with the other foot in the direction of the intended throw -Rotate hips, trunk, and shoulders as the arm comes forward -Lead with the elbow and snap the waist as the ball is released opposite the peak of the cap -The throwing arm continues across the body for the follow-through -Use a natural, rhythmical movement Fielding Ground Balls -Prior to the pitch, assume a ready position with the feet parallel and wider than shoulder- width apart. Flex the knees and hips and place the hands close to the ground -When possible, move forward (“change”) toward the ball when it is hit -Stay in front or get in front of ground balls. This enables you to handle them if they take bad bounces to the left or right -Field ground balls with the feet in a stride position, knees slightly bent, and the body
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This note was uploaded on 04/29/2008 for the course PEP 222 taught by Professor Barbw during the Spring '08 term at Ball State.

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PEP 222 - Softball Notebook - Softball By Mike Copley...

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