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Ruth Fuller Comm 211 - Manning 3/28/08 "What do the Experts Say" Paper Topic How do children's facial expressions and childrens reactions to facial expressions affect a situation? People often speak of the maternal bond between a mother and child in instinctual protection, love and understanding of the child's needs. Understanding and needs in the first years of a child is communicated not just with the mother instinctually but with non-verbal communication to the rest of the world. This is how the rest of the population looks to interpret and understand a child's problems and needs, one important feature is facial expressions due to children's inability to always communicate well and articulatly verbally. Annotated Bibliography Cues to Emotion . Child Development , Vol. 60 (2), 411-422. Retreived March 28, 2008, from 3920%28198904%2960%3A2%3C411%3ACIOFAS%3E2.0.CO%3B2-G The authors, Badzinski and Hoffner, used groups of children at four different age levels between 3 and 12 showing them pictures dealing with facial and situational cues to test what level of emotions they thought each character felt. The researches tested the developmental changes in the children using Anderson's informational integration approach. The study showed that children depend on situational cues more and more with age, as they depend on facial cues less with age. Interestingly the study also showed that all age levels of children used the same types of problem solving. Age level x Situation Age Level x Expression Interactions P415 table 1 shows… The mean difference scores in the upper portion of Table 1 show that the influence of situation on subjects’ ratings of emotion increased with age.
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anotated bib - Ruth Fuller Comm 211 - Manning 3/28/08...

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