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Angie Peterson November 14, 2007 Odyssey ALS Class Success Interview I interviewed a family friend, Juleigh Cozzetto, for this success project. She is a successful Interior Designer who has pretty much done everything. Juleigh began her life with a fascination towards style, making her own clothes since the age of 12. She attended an art school for college and graduated in two and a half years. Juleigh first began professionally designing clothes for Nike. She even designed Michael Jordan’s first slam dunk competition jumpsuit. Later on in life, she helped run a fabric store, The Whole Nine Yards, during which she started her own Interior Design Company called Embellish. When
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Unformatted text preview: Juleigh finished working for the fabric store, she purchased a real estate degree so she could pretty much “flip houses” for fun. Her life has also been enriched with three children, two of them in college, and the third sadly died of SIDS. Although Juleigh has had many accomplishments and successes over the years, I believe that it is through the unexepected death of her second child that made her the woman she is today. She had to keep the family strong during the hardest time they would ever have to face and I believe this is the greatest success of all. She is truly a gifted individual who has influenced my life for the better....
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