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lab7 - Otherwise if the student's grade is no less than 70...

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Lab 7 Objective File I/O, Scanner, PrintWriter Class and Objects Array object array sorting  Lab description In this lab, you are going to write a program that read in from a text file about the information of a bunch  of students. For each student, the information includes their first name, last name, age, and the grades in  three courses.  After the students are read in from the file, please sort the students according to their average grade of the  three courses. Then output the students' first name, last name, and the average grade, and the mark in a  separate file. The mark is determined according to the following rule: If the student's average grade is no less than 90, then mark him as A Otherwise, if the student's grade is no less than 80, then mark him as B
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Unformatted text preview: Otherwise, if the student's grade is no less than 70, then mark him as C Otherwise, mark students as D. The names of the input and the output files are provided at the command line. The student class should not contain a mark or average grade field as they can be inferred from the students' grades on the three courses. Grading ● Define the student class's constructors and data fields, 20 points ● Load information from the input file, 20 points ● Method for computing average grade, 10 points ● Method for marking students, 10 points ● Write information to the output file, 20 points ● Report, 20 points Hint: Please refer to Listing 8.6 and 8.7 for sample code. Submission ● Code ● report...
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