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PHYS-114 [Russell] Test 2 (Winter 08)

PHYS-114 [Russell] Test 2 (Winter 08) - Winter 2008...

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Winter 2008 PHYS-114 Test #2 Page 1 of 7 PHYS-114, Newtonian Mechanics Test #2 (Chapter 5,6,7,8) Rules: [1] This test has 4 worked out problems with plenty of room for your work. [2] You must show ALL work in order to receive complete credit for any of the problems. Failure to show complete work in a clear, logical fashion (ie, your professor must be able to figure out what you were doing) will result in loss of points. [3] Students will be held to the Kettering University Code of Academic Integrity. Any instance of cheating (either giving or receiving help) will result in a ZERO on this exam, and all students involved will be referred to the Dean of Students in Academic Affairs for further action. [4] Any disputes about the grading of this exam (other than simple errors in adding up points) must be addressed in writing within three class days after the graded exam is handed back. Name (please print): _____________________________________ Raw Score: _________ Test Grade: ___________ Midterm Grade: _______
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Page 2 of 7 PHYS-114 Test #2 Winter 2008 [1] (20 pts) A 1.0-kg physics book is connected by a string to a 500g coffee cup. The book is given an initial velocity of 3.0 m/s up a 20
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