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(4)-Study Guide- Ch. 3 Plate Tectonics (1-30-08) Sections 3.1, 3.2* Not including subsection “Isostasy” 1- What is the age of Earth? -approximately 4.6 billion yrs. old 2- Explain why the “Big Whack!” Theory best explains the creation of the Moon. - “Big Whack!” Theory : Earth was slammed by a Mars- sized proto- planet (“Orpheus”), completely destroying itself and nearly destroying Earth, but leaving the solar system with a layered Earth and Earth’s moon a) explains difference in age (between Earth and moon) b) collision imparted spin to Earth (or increased it) c) knocked Earth’s axis to its tilt of 23.5 * d) melted 50% to 65% of Earth’s total mass e) the core of both planets emerged into one f) explains the “ layered ” Earth (central core, mantle, thin crust) g) heavy metals (iron and nickel) sank into center , while lighter materials (oxygen, silicon, aluminum) floated toward the surface (aided by molten state and repeated violent eruptions)
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h) lightest materials (granites, metamorphic rocks, and sediments) were created by repeated melting and cooling , massing into “islands”, forming the first “continents i) the lower density of the continents raised them above the surrounding denser oceanic
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Stacey_Guide_4 - (4-Study Guide-Ch 3 Plate Tectonics...

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