gamesettings - font_huge_header=36 hint_perspective=1...

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#Wurm Online client properties #Thu Feb 21 11:27:24 CST 2008 hint_polygonsmooth=1 structure_render_distance=4 outline_picking=true terrain_res=1 model_loading_threads=1 pack_updater_log_level=0 screenshot_file_format=0 render_distant_terrain=true debug_mode=false log_level=1 glsl_enabled=true trees=2 release_context=false use_smooth_points=false game_renderer=1 compressed_textures_S3TC=true shadow_level=0 hint_fog=1 hint_texture_compression=2 cavedetail=2 gui_opacity=3 remember_password=true player_username=bohemeianone font_default=11 use_nagles_algorithm=false terrain_bump=true use_pbuffers2=false reflections=2 hint_texture_scaling=1 hint_mipmap=1 model_loader_thread_priority=2 screen_device=-1\:800\:600\:-1\:-1\:false use_fast_clock_work_around=false
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Unformatted text preview: font_huge_header=36 hint_perspective=1 tile_transitions=true hint_linesmooth=1 skydetail=1 viewport_bob=true use_linked_queue_model_loader=true use_tree_models=true setting_timestamps=true auto_mipmaps=false compressed_textures=false hint_pointsmooth=1 inverse_mouse=false vbo_enabled=true fast_yield=false item_creature_render_distance=4 use_weather_particles=true player_guest=false use_anisotropic_filtering=0 sound_engine=1 update_optional=true render_glow=false font_header=24 max_texture_size=3 use_non_alpha_particles=true use_occlusion_culling=true tiledecorations=2 use_smooth_lines=false censor_chat=true use_smooth_polygons=false cloud_shadows=false sound_al_gain=10...
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This note was uploaded on 04/29/2008 for the course REL 100 taught by Professor Depends during the Spring '08 term at Augsburg.

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gamesettings - font_huge_header=36 hint_perspective=1...

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