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reading section 3

reading section 3 - 171 where she says finding someone to...

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Lamott Part 3 Oh Lamott, Lamott, Lamott. Sometimes you make me chuckle. Other times I shake my head and wonder how you can do some of the things you do; like write on writing. In my view, this is why writers themselves get the rap that they do. Most writers don't write about writing, the write about life and the stuff in it with their writing as the medium. Lamott writes about the subject of life and the medium of writing which makes the writer sound a bit "on the edge". Part three mainly consisted of things that can help you remember ideas and how to overcome the problem of writers block. Index cards, draft readings, writing clubs, friends, family members, letters, and a couple of dead people. The most intriguing place in part three came at the end of the "someone to read your drafts" chapter on page
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Unformatted text preview: 171, where she says finding someone to read your drafts is like trying to find the perfect mate. If you ask me unless my lively hood depends on writing I'd rather not waste any time or luck trying to find that one special draft reader. Time is spent much better ways, like actually trying to find a mate. Overall, most of this stuff works and she gets that across in the book. But yet again I regress, I'm not a big fan. She really kinda reminds me of a modern day comedian. If she doesn't say "shit" every other sentence or tell an obscenely extravagant story that makes comparisons between strangely connected things, her style breaks down and sounds like a stream of consciousness "here's what may or may not work for you" book....
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