PAM200 Wk1 - PAM 200 Microeconomics - Week 1 Lecture Notes...

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PAM 200 – Microeconomics - Week 1 Lecture Notes I. INTRODUCTION 1) Welcome to Intermediate Microeconomics. 2) If I do a good job of teaching, and you are diligent about doing the work, this course has the potential to be one of the most interesting and important of your entire undergraduate curriculum. 3) We will learn a relatively small number of models: consumer theory, supply and demand, monopoly, price discrimination, and oligopoly. These models will then be applied to a wide variety of situations. In some sense, the range of questions that can attempt to answer is limited only by our ability to grasp the models, and our imagination. For example, these models have been successfully used to analyze consumption bundles, welfare programs, labor force participation, taxes and subsidies, international trade, bargaining, firm pricing decisions, profit maximization, market-household production, capital allocation decisions, education, minimum wages, marriage decisions, etc. 4) The first objective will be to teach you the basics of each of the models. I will use verbal descriptions, graphs, mathematics, and homework assignments as teaching tools. You can also use the assigned textbooks, and the on-line homework assignments as additional tools. For each on-line homework assignment there will be a practice session with answers. When you answer the practice questions you will obtain feedback immediately, including an explanation for the correct answer. After completing the practice assignment, you can complete the actual homework assignment. The on-line assignments will be graded on-line, and the solutions will be available immediately after the homework deadline. 5) In many ways the easy part of the course is learning the models because it simply involves following the directions (like cooking instructions). The difficulty is in learning when to apply each possible model. I take a couple of approaches to help you with this process. First, I will give examples in class. Second, the assigned book The Economics of Public Issues provides an exceptional number of applications to current events. Third, in the homework assignments that I write I make an effort to force you to think through applications and answer questions. Finally, you are required to write two short original papers applying the models that we have learned in class. I have found that this is a very
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PAM200 Wk1 - PAM 200 Microeconomics - Week 1 Lecture Notes...

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