Galveston Bay, 1826

Galveston Bay, 1826 - " a crowd had gathered around two...

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From the O. Henry Prized Short Stories I found Galveston Bay, 1826 by Eddie Chuculate. The story of Old Bull, Red Moon, Sandman, and Whiteshield. Four Cheyenne Indians who ride far out West to see the "Great Lake", otherwise known as the Pacific Ocean. The story, as with many other Native American tales I have heard, seemed to pride itself on describing details of every little detail while only touching on what could be considered the main story.
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Unformatted text preview: "... a crowd had gathered around two boys who had shot a big fish. Old Bull had never seen anything like the creature. With slick-looking leathery skin instead of scales, the fish was taller than ether of the boys. .. an arrow protruded through the fish's back and out the stomach. .."(42) This story was certainly an exercise in descriptive writing and did very well to keep in that genre while telling a very unique story....
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