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Well I'm not going to lie. I didn't quite get the main point of the William Trevor's The Room. While the story begins in "the room", I didn't see much connection between the room and the rest of the story. "The room" is described very well in the story, however I cannot place the meaning of it. I thought that maybe the main character, Katherine, could be compared to the room described. When she is having her affair, the room seems cosy, but bland. When the affair ends and the room is empty, it could be compared to what she is feeling.
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Unformatted text preview: "To Katherine, the room looked bigger, yet dingier, without them. (his belongings)" The story jumps around among the characters and I didn't like that much. It was difficult to keep straight who was talking or thinking. The most major switch comes when Katherine is thinking about how boring her affair is already and then switches to the character Phair walking up some stairs and then to an old woman giving a testimony. Just a wee bit confusing and probably not my favorite story....
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