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Read Cherubs , loved it. A group of Americans are invited to a French wedding 50 years after the village's liberation from German troops in World War II. They are present before the wedding as guests of honor and the lady of the house, Béatrice, tells them part of a war story. The grandmother, cook, and maid all stayed behind to "guard" the house during the occupation. Through out the telling of the story the American guests are treated and as though they themselves has liberated the village, however the the pride of the group is shattered when they are told that when the Americans came, they had shot at the cook while she was trying to surrender! Béatrice is called away at this point in the story and the guests are left to wonder what the rest of the story might be. It would be a mighty blow to their pride if the cook survived all the way through WWII just to be shot while surrendering to Americans. This group of American guests has the dynamic of a singular character in this
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