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English 226: Guidelines for Reading & Website Reports You should do at least two website reports and at least two reading reports. These reports should be 2 full typed pages (500 words, 10 or 12 pt. font, 1” margins). The header should look professional and include important information: the date, time, place, and participants in the case of a reading; the website name, URL, and date of access in the case of a website. Of course, you need to include your name, etc. as well. Here are two models of what the top of the first page might look like: Upload your reports to the appropriate Assignment link on Moodle— e.g., Website Report 1 or Public Reading Report 1. Doug Green Website: “Three Candles” Website Report 2 URL: www.threecandles.org English 226 Date of Access: 9/8/08 9/9/08 “Three Candles” offers fairly traditional poetry in an easily readable format. Doug Green Readers: Roseann Lloyd and Cass Dalglish Reading Report 1 Place: Blue Moon Café, Lake Street English 226 Date & Time: 9/9/03, 8:30 PM 9/10/03 The Blue Moon Café reading with poet Roseann Lloyd and fiction writer Cass Dalglish kicked off a series on Women, Literature, and Spirituality.
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