phy 119 week 4

phy 119 week 4 - I was not a big fan of the falsad light...

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Three of a kind Jacks Week 2 Paul Robison: recorder again Jesse Seward: moderator Travis Skoog: spokesperson Attendance: Mon Feb. 4th- 3/3 Wed Feb. 6th- 3/3 Participation: Mon Feb 4th- 3/3 Wed Feb 6th- 3/3 Prep: Everybody actually read the readings, I was impressed. Pros/Cons: The Homework was quite hard, but thankfully we get a chance to "redo" it. That's a con and a pro. Feedback and summary:
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Unformatted text preview: I was not a big fan of the falsad light experiments, but that was just me. .. I like more physical experiments. Overall though Travis thought the class was more lecturey than usual and got a little confused and off topic, Jesse just thought that light waves were confusing. So hopefully the readings for monday clear some stuff up....
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