phy 119 week 2

phy 119 week 2 - they got conflicting numbers of course...

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Three of a kind Jacks Week 2 Paul Robison: Moderator/recorder Jesse Seward: Spokesperson Travis Skoog: Recorder Attendance: Wed Jan. 23rd- 2/3 Travis was MIA. Participation: Wed Jan. 23rd- 2/3 Again Travis wasn't there Prep: WE finally got a calculator that works! Pros/Cons: A really good thing that occurred was that the groups helped each other out when
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Unformatted text preview: they got conflicting numbers, of course that was also a con because the vocabulary was quite tricky and we argued a bit. Feedback and summary: Again super experiments, Jesse and I are very glad that we are not in the lecture physics class! P.s. sorry for being late, I forgot that I had to be the recorder again....
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