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Charlie's Orchid A fiction By: Paul Robison Charlie jerked awake. He got up, put on his robe, and went to water his orchid. Then he remembered. Last night had been perfect, except. .. except for the glaring fact that he blew it! He had never been so embarrassed; there wasn't even anyone to be embarrassed around, at least, not anymore. Charlie was by many standards a nice guy; handsome, yet humble, smart, but knew when to ask for help, and he was kind and good-natured, though some might say it was his downfall. More than most people, Charlie would have loved to have a family and statistics like "Only 10% of families today are the traditional nuclear family. " scared him. But Charlie's real gift came as a single-minded, charming, and clever bastard. Especially when it came to women. From an early age, Charlie seemed to almost toy with his elementary school teachers. His silly child-like wit and his shy charm seemed to pacify the wrinkled teacher's will to punish him when he didn't do his homework. Charlie's mother was the only one who could call him out as for being the sly child he was. Charlie coasted through elementary school up till 6th grade when he had his first male teacher, Mr. Tigle. After
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failing a few subjects that year, Charlie thought it best to actually work a little in his middle school studies. During middle school, nothing happened. Does anything happen in middle school? Ahhh, but in high school he got his chance to play his attributes on his own female peers. Freshmen year, Charlie's first experience with "real women" came at a choir camp before the beginning of school. The camp was rather uneventful.
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RobisonCharlieDG - Charlie's Orchid A fiction By: Paul...

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