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Physics ideas - discern 3 Pneumatic mass spring system By...

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Physics 119 Project ideas 1. the "chipmunk effect" By recording the sound of a human voice and playing it back as a recording, the wavelengths, pitch, and frequency of the voice should remain much the same. The same should apply when a human voice is recorded under the influence of helium, or other gasses. However, when computer software is used to speed up or slow down the sound of that same recording, is it possible to obtain the same effect of the gasses while only speeding up and slowing down the recordings? 2. MP3s vs. LPs vs. Cds This experiment would question which form of music media has the most quality sound that is discern to the human ear. By recording each of the media types, it should be possible to find the frequencies of each one and compare them with a model of what an ear can hear and
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Unformatted text preview: discern. 3. Pneumatic mass spring system By using a pneumatic system instead of a spring, we would be able to experiment with more weight and get much more accurate results. Also, we could calculate the air resistance that acts on the spring and thereby find a percent error for the next time one must use a spring and have accurate results. 4. What makes colors fade and how does fading affect the SPD of a specific color? 5. Resonance frequencies of the body and how to find them. .. I don't know if this could be dangerous or if it is even possible, but I think it would be really cool to find out. 6. Transmittance of Liquids Take half a dozen household liquids and conduct SPD transmittance tests on them to find their transmittance graphs....
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