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Doug Green Website: "Zeros2Heros" Website report #1 URL: zeros2heros.com English 226 Date of Access 2/11/08 9/25/08 Paul Robison Zeros2Heros.com is an interesting place to say the least. First of all, Z2H is all about original works of comic art, but it's also about getting that work published, as movies. The Canadian start-up know as Comic Creation Nation is the basis for the whole operation, the goal of CCN is to search the comic pitches and find the most promising pitches and create the actual book itself. In the next steps, several "big time" comic writers and artist filter out the best of the best and pitch those chosen few to independent, mainstream, and big budget film companies. For all of 2008, Z2H has committed to producing a comic a week, a feat not easily undertaken. For the most part, the homepage is, at first glance, quite well put together. Tabs showing how to navigate to various pages that the user can put together, news feeds on current events on the site, and several writing and art
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