autorun - bind NUMPAD2"cmd 297" bind...

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// If you ever manage to mess up this file, just delete it, and wurm will // replace it with a new one. // Default movement keys. Allows both WASD and arrow key movement // You can bind these keys to any KeyEvent.VK_* key // (see bind w move_forward bind s move_back bind a move_left bind d move_right bind q turn_left bind e turn_right bind x autorun bind c center_view bind up move_forward bind down move_back bind left turn_left bind right turn_right bind page_up autorun bind page_down center_view bind insert strafe bind home turn_up bind end turn_down // Stance selects bind NUMPAD0 STRAFE bind NUMPAD1 "cmd 294"
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Unformatted text preview: bind NUMPAD2 "cmd 297" bind NUMPAD3 "cmd 312" bind NUMPAD4 "cmd 291" bind NUMPAD5 "cmd 303" bind NUMPAD6 "cmd 309" bind NUMPAD7 "cmd 288" bind NUMPAD8 "cmd 300" bind NUMPAD9 "cmd 306" // Window toggles bind F1 "toggle console" bind F2 "toggle skills" bind F3 "toggle inventory" // Fight options bind F4 "fightmove1" bind F5 "fightmove2" bind F6 "fightmove3" bind F7 "fightmove4" bind F8 "fightmove5" bind F9 "cmd 340" // Misc keys bind enter toggle_chat bind t toggle_chat bind tab next_tab bind f10 "toggle gui" bind f11 "screenshot" bind f12 "quit" // Some various toggles we want to enable toggle keyboard_hints // toggle stats...
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autorun - bind NUMPAD2"cmd 297" bind...

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