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Scot Whitman - Alright, glad you haven't forgotten me! > >...

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Alright, glad you haven't forgotten me! > > Ok, basically I am putting together a "then and now" speech > about the importance of art work in cartography. I'm starting with > a historical background of maps up to about the 1700's, > then moving forward to the 1960's and the beginning of using > satellites to map the Earth and how art is tied to what you see on > Google Earth. From there I go right to modern days and > talk more about Google maps and other maps used for informational > purposes and the art that goes with them. The ending is what I > hope you can help me with, I kinda deviate from the > main point of "Art in Maps" and examine "Maps in Art". > The end is pretty much the most open part of my speech, I > haven't really put much thought into how the whole thing will come > together, but I would like to include a few of your > silhouettes in the "Maps in Art" section. Other pieces that I will > be using include a few words on the "Get Lost" gallery, which are > local New York artists mapping the city using their own > perspective, a topographical scan of the Mona Lisa from the > Canadian Research Council a few years back, and thats about all I > have right now for the end. > I do have a few pretty generic questions to ask. > > 1st- What inspires, or inspired you to create this type of artwork? > 2nd- How long does a portrait, silhouette, cherub, take to make? > 3rd- What kind of maps do you commonly use? Road maps, political, > satellite? > and 4th- This ones for me, what is with all the monkeys?
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Scot Whitman - Alright, glad you haven't forgotten me! > >...

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