Reading Questions #5 & 6 &7

Reading Questions #5 & 6 &7 - Chapter 5...

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Chapter 5 Read the rest of Chapter 2 and send in your responses to these questions by 7 am Wednesday: 1. Why are the integers not a field? Integers are only used in conjunction with axioms and are not themselves as system. .. therefore cannot be a field. 2. What does the author mean when he says mathematics is becoming more abstract? Also, give a specific example of increasing abstraction in a field other than mathematics. Because Axioms are considered to be true for the numbers they apply to, the original process is no longer needed. This makes it possible to create another set of axioms that apply to the first set, and so on and so forth. Each time an axiom is placed, "mathematics" is getting more abstract. 3. Write a few sentences about the problems with set theory discovered by Russell. In set theory, some sets have X property and others don't. But, Russell found that because of this property, sets with the property X and sets without property X, had logically become part of the very sets that they
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Reading Questions #5 & 6 &7 - Chapter 5...

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