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Modalities and Rehab

Modalities and Rehab - In the Athletic Training Room...

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In the Athletic Training Room, athletes come in and out, some come in for electrotherapy, some come in for rehabilitation and others come in for preventative strengthening exercises. The Athletic Training room is usually always busy, even with athletes who are not in season. As defined in our course book “Athletic Training Student Primer: A Foundation for Success,” by Andrew Winterstein, a modality is “a method of therapy, or an apparatus used for therapy that is designed to elicit a desired physiologic response.” In the Athletic Training room there are many different types of modalities that I have witnessed being used. While observing I have witnessed a few different electrotherapy treatments: stim, ultrasound and underwater ultrasound. Each of these three different treatments affects different areas of an injury. The stim treatment or “Electrical Stimulation” is used to treat muscle injuries of a patient.
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